Thursday, February 12, 2009

Miiissseeess Seeegmiiiilleeer?

As many of you know last year was my first year of teaching.  After a teacher decided to retire, the option to teach Juniors presented itself and I decided that that could be a change that I would enjoy and made the switch.  

I was right.  

I love teaching Juniors.  I love this age, as they are learning life's lessons, have a bit more maturity, I like the curriculum's just been a good change.

Because of this, though, that means that many of the students who I taught last year, I may have the opportunity to teach again next year.  Now granted, there are some who I'm not sure that I'm all that excited about dealing with again (and so it goes) but as students are starting to think about their next year's schedule, etc.  I have had many walk into my classroom with few variations on this conversation.

Student - "Mrs. Seeeegmiiiilleeer???"

Me - "Yeeesssss?"

Student - "So, do I get you for English again next year?"

Me - "Well, you will probably have either me or Mrs. Esplin.  I promise you will enjoy whichever one you get - we actually have similar teaching styles."
 (there is another teacher who picked up two sections of Jr. English this year, but we don't know what she will teach next year because she also does computers and drama, and if there are fewer AP English students next year, Esplin will pick up another Jr, etc....)

Student - "Well, I really hope I get you."

Really, these conversations make my day, because let's face it, not all high school students are excited about teachers or the thought of having them again.  And I KNOW that there are some who may get me as a teacher and think "No way.  I DO NOT want her again"  (depending on the student that feeling may be mutual) :)  

But the fact that there have been several who hope to have me again makes this job totally worth it.


Charlotte said...

Isn't it nice to be loved?

AND nice to KNOW that you're loved?

Janyece said...

That is really great! I'm glad you got to have that conversation!