Monday, June 1, 2009

The Graveyard Book

The summer of fantastically fun reading continues! I read this book today - have wanted to read it since I heard about it at the UVU Children's Literature Forum I attended in March and can easily see why it was the Newberry winner.

This is a book about Nobody Owens - but all his friends call him Bod. Oh, and his friends? They are ghosts. So are his mom and dad. He lives in a graveyard, can see dead people and is protected by a man who isn't dead or alive.

I have heard some critics say this is too violent a story for children - afterall, the story starts with Nobody's family being killed. But it isn't graphic. I read that this was based on Kipling's stories of Mowgli - it is easy to see the parallel. Just as the wolves raised him, ghosts raise Bod.

The story is captivating, told incredibly well and a complete delight. I would recommend it for any child with reading ability - I believe it would be a very high interest level reading. I love what Bod learns how to do and believe it could provoke some great imagination experiences for kids as well.
BTW I am really having so much fun!!!

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