Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Alcatraz Versus The Knights of Crystallia

This is the third book in the Alcatraz series and it has been sitting at my house for about four months waiting for me to get to it (don't worry, there are about 15 more also waiting their turn - it didn't feel too left out). This continues the series with Alcatraz still trying to figure out the master plan of the Evil Librarians and solving some new mysteries on the way as well.

Alcatraz is going with his grandfather because the Librarians say they want to sign a treaty but something sounds a little strange. He is concerned because of the events that have lead to Bastille just not being herself, and he is starting to discover that maybe his talent goes beyond just breaking things. There is a librarian who says she doesn't want to be anymore but can she be trusted? And Alcatraz is now trying to convince his reader that he is a superhero, exuding kindness - not the evil, manipulative young man he spent the last two books trying to convince you he was.

These are the kinds of books that you need to pick up when you want to read, but don't really have the mental energy to devote. They are completely appropriate for any reader who understands sarcasm, fun, lighthearted and full of several laugh out loud moments. This was the perfect read when I wanted to escape my thesis, but couldn't really - at least not all the way yet. Read the first two before this one, because Alcatraz will mock you if you didn't. Just a head's up. :)

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