Tuesday, April 13, 2010


One of mine...

-Tasha Seegmiller

It looked like heaven, the snow
cleansing tumultuous world.
Scarlet sins,
erased, just as Isaiah said.
Sun slithers across the sky
such spotlessness is short;
society spoils celestial aspirations
following misguided light.

I rose from the water
the first time I found heaven.
Born, again, but this time
without the tears or the trauma,
protected by the strength and love of my
father’s hands.
Such perfection would guarantee
my entrance through St. Peter’s gates.

But I am human
imperfect, stained.
One among millions
who ruin innocence.

I found heaven once more,
Kneeling across an altar from
my best friend, he and I in perfect white
having heard from many
it’s never too late.

He tells me I’m an angel
One who guides his way -
but he is mine,
and I am his and we are unified.

Heaven isn’t solitary confinement,
unity is the governing principle
as Lucifer knows, or knew,
this world could have been. His
pride the ruler,
humility the slave

But that isn’t the way in heaven.

Once again, snowflakes merge
reminders of hope amid winter’s grasp.
Miniscule angels joined together
to gently make the earth,
if but for a moment,


Harmony said...

Beautiful Tash. Almost (but not quite) makes me happy for snow in April. :-) I'm glad you didn't try to rhyme this. Sometimes (but not always) beautiful thoughts come out just cheesy when forced into rhyme.

Charlotte said...

Just lovely.

Mellissa said...

Very nice. I've never written a poem about Ben and me or about religion because I'm afraid it'll come off cheesy. Great job. I like how you start and round off with winter.