Friday, April 23, 2010

Celebrating and Refocusing

I'm not sure this is new news at this point as Enoch texted everyone in his phone and I posted it on Facebook, but I successfully defended my Master's thesis and will be graduating a week from tomorrow. I've had so many people ask me if I'm thrilled and on a high.

The answer?


I'm tired, exhausted, lacking motivation and wanting to have a lazy day. I think I'll probably hit that high next week during the celebrations, etc. but I'm really just worn out for now. Super glad to be done and moving on to other things, don't get me wrong. But I've been pushing pretty hard for the last year and a half and I think it finally caught up with me :)

With that being done, I'm hoping that now this can turn back into a blog about something besides books. I still plan on reading and posting all my reviews, and summer's coming up so it will probably pick up the pace a bit. But I really, really want to bake.
I'm planning on making these VERY soon, want to make some scrabble cookies like these but maybe not quite on the scale that she did. I am Baker has the best recipe and tutorials for making amazing looking cookies that I just have to try out.

My girls REALLY want to do more baking as well, and in my dream land, I would buy some of these
but maybe I'll just visit my neighbor's fabric shop and break out my sewing machine and make some myself.

In other words, I'm getting domestic about my life and am super excited :)


Charlotte said...


"Highs" are over-rated. I say, go ahead and celebrate with a little relaxation and baking. Nothing wrong with that.

Mellissa said...

Again, congrats. I haven't been as busy as you, but I am also looking forward to domesticating myself and my home a bit more over the summer. And those cookies and cupcakes look so tasty!

Allyson Condie said...

Tasha, HUGE congratulations to you! What an accomplishment, and I think Enoch should take you someplace beachy so you can fully relax and appreciate it. ;)

Those cupcakes (and aprons) look divine!

Nisa said...

Very cute and the treats look delicious! I never was very good at baking.

Congratulations! Facebook doesn't show everyone's stuff anymore I guess and I've completely missed it, so double congratulations since I'm late! :)

Jake said...


CindyLou said...

That is fantastic about your Masters! Way to go.
If you do feel like sewing your own aprons, I have SEVERAL patterns you can use if you need them.

Harmony said...

It's the kind of thing that you may never feel "the high" about, but you'll never regret either. Hope the payoff comes in more time to relax and do what you really want to do (and in your paycheck).

I like the Scrabble cookies. I did Scrabble brownies with all the Cub Scouts names for a Pack Meeting a year or so ago, but they weren't as cute or as authentic as these cookies.