Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hug your children

It happened again.  Last night, a student from the school I worked at took his own life.  Not one that I taught, but it does cause a ripple effect, makes people wonder if something could be done, if there were signs...wonder...

This is my fifth year teaching, and I think there has been a suicide each year.

It's hard to say what happens to make someone take their own life.  And really, it isn't something that usually can be pinned on one particular thing. 

Here's what I do know.  All people, quirky, strange, gay, Mormon, jock, nerd, misfit, dork, geek, emo, goth need to feel loved.  Okay, so they drive you crazy.  So what if you just don't get them? 

Mother Teresa is one of my heroes.  I loved her and was significantly more moved when she passed than Princess Diana (they died either the same day or within a day).   She really put it best.

People are unreasonable, illogical and self-centered.
Love them anyway.
So today, hug your kids.  Take the few minutes to do something with them to make them feel special.  Don't roll your eyes at the kids who look different than you think they should.  Remember you were once a teenager, life isn't that easy at that age.  Look a stranger in the eye.

It may not save a life, but it will make a difference. 



Laurel said...

How sad! What a shock. Lots of hugs tonight...
That is a great quote.

Janet S. said...

I hadn't heard about this at CHS. I'm so sorry and I don't even know who the child is or whose child it is. Just hurts!!!