Thursday, July 12, 2007

Almost Friday the 13th (OOO-WEEE-OOO)

I don't know how it happens but another week of good intentions has nearly flown by and here I am once again not having everything done that I planned to do. But rather than focus on all the things that I'm failing miserably at (LAUNDRY!!!!!) I thought I'd look at all the great things I got done.

First, we are in the midst of potty training Catie. She is doing okay, some days better than others, but seems to be improving and where she is the only one in diapers I think it is helping her want to be like everyone else. I'm really hoping that I can get her most of the way if not completely in less than a month...we'll see.

I just got the schedule for my first year teaching training. There are three days that I will be gone for seven hours a day, but then I have 21 hrs of the 39 I need to get each year to progress to the next level of teaching licensure, which I have to do. While I was figuring out all the contract stuff and paperwork, I ran across a name that I hadn't seen for a while - Valerie Pack and found out that the woman who is going to help me with all my first year training was also my third grade teacher. It was a funny experience and thankfully this time around I don't have to pass of my multiplication tables to her - I remember having a serious amount of anxiety over those dang sevens in 3rd grade.

I found someone to watch my girls, in my home for this upcoming year. She is really nice, has two kids who are 13 and 7 and then has a 8 month old baby that she will be bringing to my home during the week, arriving in time for Enoch to take Will to school and then I will be here between 3:15 and 3:30 in the afternoon. She is so nice and I'm very hopeful that she will do a good job with my girls.

I have arranged for all of the piano students I'm letting go to switch to my sister Tari, I'm going to fill out all the rest of the paperwork tonight for my employment and I set up the blog that I'm going to maintain during the school year so parents know what is going on in the classroom - something that I think the parents of the freshmen are going to appreciate the most. Along those same lines, I think I've figured out a rough idea of what units I'm going to teach this next year - now I just need to figure out what I'm going to do in each of those units. It should be a fun year, full of health insurance, free admittance to CHS sporting events (especially good so I can see Ryan play), Ellie and Will are going to start soccer and I will have all my afternoons (with the exception of one hour for my last two piano students) free to be with my kids!!! YEAH!!!!!!

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Tash, I don't have your e-mail address handy, so I thought I'd just post this link for you. It's an article on women and guilt that I thought you'd enjoy.