Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fun at Fish Lake

My family has the tradition of going to Fish Lake every year on the weekend of July 24th and this year was the most fun I think we've ever had. A couple of things that were going our way was that we didn't have a 3-4 month old baby or a toddler just learning to walk so there was a little more freedom to just enjoy the time rather than constantly be worried about the youngest. We also stayed longer this year than other years so we had more time and got to visit with family a little more.

We got to Fish Lake at about 8:00 Friday the 20th and set up camp. The kids favorite, roasting marshmallows worked out just right after we got camp set up. The next morning we took our turn going out on the pontoon boat that my dad rents every year when we go up, and believe it or not, Ellie's little Barbie fishing pole and Catie's little Mickey Mouse fishing pole caught the biggest fish!!
Enoch also had a great experience catching fish - I think he caught
one of the biggest fish that day. We got rained on two nights in a row and decided that we had had enough camping and left a day early after going to church at the Fish Lake Lodge, visiting with family on my mom's side of the family, having the traditional whole Madsen family pot luck dinner and fishing a bit more. The nice thing about leaving early was we got back in time to watch Grandma Decker dance with the Lawn Chair Brigade in the parade and Grandpa Keith march with the drill team. We had a fun 24th of July, catching two parades and some sun kissed cheeks in the process :)

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Harmony said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time Tash.

Here's another website I think you'll enjoy:

You may have already seen the link to it on Charlotte's blog, but just in case you didn't.