Friday, July 13, 2007

I am Victorious!!!

I am finally triumphant over a foe who has been avoiding my efforts to stop his little existence for several weeks. Yes, that foe was a mouse who never ran on the floor (where I first set the traps when I found him) but across the countertops which drives me crazy and has had me scrubbing them often.

Last night after I set up two peanut butter baited traps about three feet apart, I finally caught him - HAHAHA. I know, it's stupid, but I hate those stupid things. We even tried to put Benny (our 9 month old kitten) on the countertop on Sunday when I saw him out, but the mouse managed to escape him (and I'm not totally convinced that Benny is quite sure what he is supposed to do...)

Now I can rest a little better and scrub a little less, knowing this gross creature is out of my life. Hopefully Enoch can foam in the little spot by the gas where we think they are coming in before I have to prepare for battle again.

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