Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

While it seems strange that Easter is this yearly in the year (not to mention in the middle of all my kids' birthdays) we still like to have some fun. The kids dyed Easter eggs at Grandma Janet's house this morning, and then when Enoch went out to hide them outside, he discovered that the Easter bunny had come to Grandma's house the night before (the kids spent the night while Enoch and I had a much needed date night). I think one hunting for Easter eggs is one of the greatest experiences of childhood. I don't really know who came up with the idea to have a bunny take eggs around, seeing as the two aren't really related in anyway, but if it had been an Easter chicken, that could present all sorts of complications like a chicken was trying to get rid of his/her children, etc (Wow, random thought of the day) Anyway, since it is still chilly and gas could cost me one of my children, we decided to just hang around in Cedar today. Actually, Enoch and his dad are clearing out a shed at Grandma Bruce's (a lovely lady who used to be their neighbor and never had kids of her own so kindof adopted Enoch's family as hers) and making a dump run (Woo hoo, I know you readers are just jealous over that thought). The kids and I are hanging out. Low key, but we have Ellie's birthday on Thursday and Will's is the Monday after that, so I promise we will meet our excitement quota for the month of March.

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