Friday, March 21, 2008

Ellie the Performer

This has been a busy month for Ellie because she had the chance to do both mini Mohey and a dress rehearsal for the little competition she has in April. I wasn't sure if she would get tired of dancing, as mini Mohey was an hour practice three days in a row on top of her regular dance once a week. She loved it.

She has also started piano lessons - the practicing isn't quite consistent yet, but her ability to understand what is going on is great. We let her watch the end of School of Rock about a month or two ago and since then she has been asking for a guitar on a semi-regular basis. She currently loves to sing along with Alicia Keyes song No One whenever she hears it on the radio and claims that the reason she loves to dance is because people love to watch her dance. I have a serious performer on my hands and I figure as long as she is enjoying what she is doing, I'm going to encourage this current love of music in all forms that my daughter is experiencing.

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