Saturday, March 22, 2008

Catie is 3 years old

Well, we did it - we made it through the terrible twos and one to the adventures of another three year old (however, I have heard it said recently that three is the new two). We had lots of fun for Catie's birthday, including going to see Horton Hears a Who. It was a great movie, had a weird Japanese anime part in the middle which I just didn't understand, but the whole movie was well done. None of the stupid crass jokes they like to try to through into movies like this and the plot was closely related to the book. I thoroughly enjoyed it as did the kids. Then, feeling Seussish we went and ate Whocakes which we thought we just yummy and too much fun.
Catie had a Dora on her ice cream bar cake, which had whipped cream dyed her favorite color, purple. I long ago realized that my cake decorating abilities were nothing compared to what they should be considering who my mom is, and decided that instead of trying to live up to her amazing capabilities, I would spend the five or so dollars on a toy of preference for that year and stick it in the cake, thereby giving my children the themed cake they want while still maintaining my sanity, a decision I have not yet regretted

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