Wednesday, April 8, 2009

All Angels

Many of you remember from this post that I love to listen to classical music being broadcast over the internet from the UK. One of the things I really like is they have a variety of music and selections that just don't get played in the US. Along with this love, though, comes the occasional problem, that I hear something that I LOVE and it isn't available in the US. You would think that if it is available on Amazon in the UK that you could get it here, and you can, but you have to pay the import fees. That was my dilemma I faced when I heard these four beautiful girls with voices that parallel their appearance singing a song called Pie Jesu. I was blown away, stopped working and had to just listen to the harmonies of the song. I was going to have to pay $50 to import the CD. I committed to just waiting until it finally became available in the US.

Then Enoch went out of town, I was lonely and wishing I could do something I wanted for once and I had an epiphany. There are people in the UK who don't have to pay a ridiculous amount for these CD's who might have liked it or not but are selling it. After a search on Ebay and through the sellers on Amazon, I found both the CD's, shipping included, for about how much a new CD costs in the US (shipping from the UK for these size of items isn't anymore than in the US) so I ordered the two they have available.

I don't think I can really explain to you how this sounds. It is heaven on a CD and that sounds cliche, but when I shared the sounds with a fellow teacher who was feeling very sick yesterday, she just kept saying "Oh my gosh!" and closing her eyes to listen better. Their website has some snipets of their songs on them and you can hear some of a live performance with okay sound on YouTube. This moves me in a way that a new group hasn't for a long, long time. I promise that ordering from a seller in the UK and waiting about three weeks for it to arrive will bring a serenity to your life. It probably isn't for most guys - kindof girl music, but Enoch will tolerate it knowing that if I'm listening to it, I probably need to. :) It's just....heavenly.


Paula said...

Thanks for sharing this. I probably wouldn't have ever known about them, unless they eventually became well-known in the US. They really do sound like angels!

Janyece said...

I can't wait to listen to them! I always love these posts. You have good taste!

Janet S. said...

I wish you could have heard Susie Patten (Whitney's wife) and her friend sing the Pie Jesus at her father-in-laws funeral. I'm not sure I'd heard it before, but it was so beautiful and meaningful at that sacred service. Both Susie and Melissa sang songs that I would want at my funeral -- someday. Hope you'll bring these over soon so we can hear them.

Harmony said...

I finally got the sound working again on our computer so I could listen to them. Wow. I think I need to get their CD's too.