Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mini Mohey

Last year, when I found out from some of my students that there was going to be mini Mohey, I knew that Ellie would love it. She did. When the opportunity came again this year, I asked Catie if she wanted to. She replied with an enthusiastic yes. They were very excited, counted down the days to the three day clinic and performance, talked about how much fun it would be to join.

However, some things are more fun in theory than reality.

Catie got sick on the Sunday before the classes were to start, and I thought about not putting her in, but she wanted to do it. She sat by Enoch the whole time (I was in class) said she wanted to do it, but didn't. Ellie loved it.

Tuesday, I took Catie. She wanted to go practice, but if I put her with the other girls, she would cry. So I told her we would just go watch Ellie, and she cried. She finally got into the idea when they played Duck, Duck, Goose. Ellie loved it.

Wednesday, I realized I wasn't going to get a refund, chalked this up to a learning experience for Catie to overcome future inhibitions about trying new things and she did an okay job in practice. Kindof danced, didn't cry, just pulled out what we like to call the Decker Scowl. Ellie loved it.

Wednesday night was the Mohey Review, time of the performance. We decided to take pictures of the girls before the Review started, and clearly Catie loves to perform. So does Ellie, but at this point we are well aware of that.

Then came the time to do the dance. Clearly, Catie is not as excited about following someone's guidelines.

Ellie loved it.

Catie wants to do dance next year, but I think I will start her over the summer when the classes are about five to seven students her age. She has demonstrated very well that she does not like the be thrown into things.

Swim lessons this summer could be interesting...

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Janyece said...

Oh no! Well, at least Ellie loved it! hehe! Good luck with swimming lessons this summer!