Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thesis, Part One, Complete

I sent in the first three chapters of my thesis today.  There may be one or two little errors, but the actual meat of this first part of the process is done.

My professor kept telling me I needed to write more with just the facts please, and stifling my creativity so much was driving me insane - having to cite almost every sentence (I HATE APA).  So today, when I uploaded my assignment, I included this little poem for my professor.  

Here is my proposal - I think it is complete
I'm thrilled nothing happened causing it to delete
I'd like to think it's done with nothing more to do
But experience explains that just cannot be true.
For though this was a challenge, a most difficult task
There is STILL work to do; I need an oxygen mask.
Data to collect, rubrics and curriculums to create
Paperwork is collecting, for my attention it awaits.
Here is my one happy thing, that for today I'm done.
And could write this little poem just for fun!


Erin said...

The jingle queen!

Janyece said...

Haha! I love it! What a relief to have part 1 done!