Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dragon Spear

This is the latest in the dragon series by Jessica Day George. I liked the idea and the way that George can continue to add elements to a story that could get old. The dragons are true to their character and Creel is as stubborn and adventurous as ever.

In this story, a dragon is kidnapped from the refuge they have found and all the dragons, along with some humans, venture out to find the missing dragon. This story has adventure, deceit, alchemy and a revealation of the history George created that governs the dragon society. There is still some romance, Creel's crazy fabric skills and some twists.

I liked the way this story continued, but I didn't find it was the rapturing read of the other two. I was glad to have read it, stayed up late to finish it and thought the story flowed well, but it just didn't have that "it factor" that had me engrossed and hungry to find out what happened next. The story ended in a way that there could be others to follow but not a sequel guarantee. If there are more, I will read them as I don't feel that the story has been worn out. I have enjoyed this series and don't have any hesitation recommending them to anyone with the reading ability.

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