Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Triumph over the Celebrities

I have to admit that there are times in my life when I wish I had some of the celebrity life. I mean, think about it. They have the smoking hot bodies because they have two or three hours a day with nothing else to do but work out. They have people who will come in their homes and cook for them, but better yet, they also clean up for them! No waiting in lines at gas stations so that the idiot three people in front can pay for a pack of cigarettes with coins. Really, there are many aspects about that celebrity lifestyle that really would be nice.

But I figured out a way to make my life better than the celebrities. See, I ten years and three months ago, I said yes when my friend since second grade got down on his knee on the steps of the St. George temple and asked me to marry him.

Ten years ago today, I made the drive with my almost husband to St. George, perma-grin fully in tact.

Ten years ago today, we sat together in the waiting room and had the officiator of our ceremony ask if we were nervous. No.

Ten years ago today, I held hands with the greatest man I've known in a small room surrounded by our family and were joined for eternity.

I beat the celebrities by having a relationship that has gotten stronger over the years. I beat the celebrities by not running to divorce court during the really, really hard times. I beat the celebrities because, in spite of having to wait my turn, pay for everything I own and working my tail off, I get to share my life with someone I know is as dedicated to me as I am to him.

I bet there are many celebrities who wish they were like me!


Harmony said...

Yep, you got 'em beat!

NessaB said...

That's cute! And great concept. I think, no know, you have them beat. Can I join you in the "I've beat the celebrities club?"

Erin H. said...

LOVE it! Great perspective, Tash! Happy anniversary!

Mellissa said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! Doesn't the time go by way too fast? Melanie, my oldest, goes to middle school this year. Ah!

Nisa said...

Happy belated anniversary! That was really sweet!