Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Inside the Minds of Teens

I do bellworks with my students each day as an acitivity to have them come right in to class and get working. It keeps the order and lets me take care of the stupid housekeeping things. I like to get them thinking, get an idea of what they are thinking about, etc. This was a bellwork called Answers where I gave them a category and they had to fill out three answers. I just compiled some of them - some are hilarious, some are poignant, but they all are a decent peek into the mind of a modern teen.

What is quiet?

A corpse, libraries, serenity

What is sneaky?

A child sneaking a cookie, me using my mom’s credit card, ninjas, snipers, assassins, organized religion, Santa, the hobgoblin that lives under my bed, Mrs. Seegmiller

What is rough?

Discount toilet paper, sex, calloused hands, football, wrestling, puberty, talking to my father

What is impossible?

Figuring out why chickens don’t pee, flying without wings, cute newborns, guys, licking my own elbow, going a day without tripping, not getting a blood rush from hanging upside down

What is bright?

God’s love, girls, my soul

What is unhealthy?

Cancer, McDonald’s, not brushing teeth, raw eggs, brushing your teeth with Jack Daniel’s, jumping off cliffs, walking into walls

What is soft?

My friend’s biceps, my hair, pillows, my blankie, grass

What is proud?

A kiss, my parents, professional athletes, my mom (hopefully),

What is funny?

Short people, me, little kids spinning around until they are dizzy, listening to my generation speak, Ellen Degeneres, Brian Regan, Larry the Cable Guy, Dane Cook, Mrs. Seegmiller, my class

What is outrageous?

Birds flying into my window, fake nails, blinding white teeth

What is beautiful?

Mrs. Seegmiller, my truck, dirt, 1967 Mustang, girls, my friend’s mom, charity, books, my non-existent boyfriend, dancing, culture

What is depressing?

My bra size, dropped pizza, Edward isn’t real, running out of ice cream, divorce, that I will never be with Jacob, people who kill books with movies, my math grade, losing an entire PowerPoint, spilling juice on your shoes, people starving,

What is dull?

Me, Isaiah

What is empty?

My skull, my brother’s head, my bank account, my gas tank, my dad’s wallet will be soon, my love life, my dog’s brain

What is unbelievable?

Seegy’s wit, evolution, the big bang theory, bowling with a cast, September 11, Pearl Harbor, fairy tales, walking on water

What is striped?

The flag, student’s shirts, a bad tan

What is complicated?

Girls, government, soufflé, math, relationships, love, chemistry, lemon meringue pie,

What is frightening?

My mom when she is mad, old men

What is inevitable?

Farts, puberty, sagging, getting old, thinning hair, sorrow, taxes, death, adulthood, grades

What is green?

My dog’s poop, grass, shirts


Nisa said...

I would love to be a fly on the wall in your classroom.

Mellissa said...

I really and truly love when teachers share the fun, sad, thoughtful things their students have. Thanks for the laughs. Ben and I both loved it! And Amen to being a fly on your wall.

Harmony said...

So your sneaky, funny, beautiful, and your wit is unbelievable? Must be fun to hear what your students think of you. Or what they want you to think they think of you. :-)

NessaB said...

Wow. I guess all I can say is that I am glad I am not a teacher? That is some funny, crazy stuff and true to the title of your blog- random thoughts.

Janet S. said...

Do your students know that you share this stuff? I like the fact that someone still thinks a library is quiet, but not always anymore with computers, cell phones, study tables, socializing and flirting. Still I love being there! Mom S.

Nishant said...

beautiful, and your wit is unbelievable? Must be fun to hear what your students think of you.

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