Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rebel Angels

You know how sometimes, in a trilogy, there is the great hook book, the story is new and intriguing, and there are complications showing all over and you can't wait to read the next only to find nothing is resolved? Thank heavens that was not the case for Rebel Angels. This is the second book in the Gemma Doyle Trilogy, and I adored it.

This book takes place during Christmas and Gemma is to spend the holiday away from Spence Academy, where she will go to fantastic balls and still be able to associate with her friends Felicity and Ann. There is a wealthy young man who is interested in her, and she in him. But she keeps having visions of girls in white who need her help and Gemma returns to the realms again to discover some answers to the many mysteries. Kartik is in this book as well, as a more prevalent character, with instructions from the Rakshana to bind the magic and find the temple or there will be destruction, which will not be limited to just Gemma.

Hard to believe but I loved this book more than the first, and I don't even think the reference to Milton had anything to do with it. The characters develop depth and likability, there is romance that isn't over the top and the conflicts that Gemma faces are more than just which gown to wear what night. There are hints at a love triangle, and some of the characters from book one, through their development, become more intriguing. There were several times when I was reading this that I wasn't positive who I wanted to be victorious, have their dreams found or even if they were who they said they were. Very, very smart writing and incredible imagination. Amazingly enjoyable.

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