Monday, July 5, 2010

A Sweet Far Thing

This is the third and final book in the Gemma Doyle trilogy. It is a big book, but I promise it doesn't read like a big book. The story advances with great pacing, there were again twists that I didn't expect and my care for several of the characters increased even within the first few pages.

This continues the story of Gemma as she tries to resolve the issues that are presenting themselves with the magic. The Order and the Rakshana are battling for control and the reader experiences many of the frustrations as Gemma does in trying to figure out who is really good and who is really bad. Then there are the issues in Gemma's English world - she is just a month or two away from her debut, has to determine how to fit in this society where she can't even curtsy as well as everyone else, deals with feelings for two different boys eventhough she is convinced she has made up her mind, and realizes things about her friends that takes her to a different understanding of who they really are and what it is that is truly important to them.

Like I said, this book moves fast. I really love Gemma - I love her individuality and desire to have things done according to her guidelines for happiness. There are moments in this when the sympathy strings are pulled for Tom, Kartik, Ann, Felicity and Pippa. I also like that Libba Bray understands that living happily ever after doesn't always mean for everyone and in the way they thought. I appreciate an author who can resolve a story in the way that best suits the story, and I'm happy that the resolution really didn't leave a place for any more. These three were just right, and I'm so glad I read this trilogy.

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