Thursday, May 1, 2008

Book Review - Speak

I have recently rediscovered for the 1000th time how much I just really love to read a good book.  We had a book fair here a couple of weeks ago, during which I spent the $20 Enoch thought was a good amount for books, and added the $20 that I thought was good too. :)  It was buy one get one free, really, how many of you could resist that?!?

The first book from that little shopping expedition that I chose to read is called Speak.  I had heard about this book from several different sources and about 2.5 hrs later realized what all the hype was about.  I think this is a book that every young teen girl should read, to assist in sticking up for herself in any situation and not being afraid to tell what is going on even when it seems highly unlikely or involves situations questioning intent or fault.  I was amazed at the writing, loved the way the speaker's voice penetrated the whole novel and thought that while it deals with some more mature topics, it was very well done and with great taste, as the author was writing for a young audience.  Two thumbs way up.   

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Anonymous said...

I better borrow this one next time I see you!!