Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Long Hard Week

I have had a long hard week this week, as a culmination of several things. First, I needed shoes and so I went to hit the last day of BOGO at Payless, bought these and these and these and because it was BOGO I also threw in this watch. Two of the pairs that I bought I needed for work, didn't have any non-winter shoes that were flip flops (and let's face it, trying to keep a mature presence in a classroom in flip flops isn't really the best classroom management technique). I was very happy with my purchases (Ladies and gentlemen, got all these things listed above for $50 - I think I'm a decent bargain shopper) but when I showed Enoch in my excitement when he got home, he just looked at me and said Happy Mother's Day.

Now let's look at this situation logically. Enoch, being a great (and hot) construction worker that he is, needs tools for his work. He needs to update the tools that he uses, spends the money on maintenance, has a snazzy trailer to haul them around in, buys hats and gloves and socks and boots and T-shirts and sweatshirts because of all the various weather elements that he works in. I don't think anyone in their right mind would deny a guy who work in weather fluctuating from 20 - 100 degrees throughout the year needs to have these different tools. So what is the big deal about some shoes.

But what really bothered me was that he responded with that snide comment. ARGH. Boys. Just when I think I am going to figure them out, I don't.

Then, it is the 2nd to last full week of school, and I have kids who are bombarding me because their summer "is going to be totally ruined" if they don't make up their F or asking me why they didn't get full points on an assignment when they only did 50%, etc. (I know Erin is singing this same song right now) I always thought the "a lack of preparation on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part" signs were stupid, but if I could get one for my classroom right now in flashing neon lights, I would be ecstatic.

A couple of bonuses - Enoch and Jake spent all day Saturday putting in my sprinkling system (I say mine because Enoch couldn't have cared less if we didn't ever get one, but I would have lost my freakin' mind trying to water the whole thing by hoses).

The Jazz won both their games this weekend, and if Boozer can get his act together, the game in LA should be good, and force the Laker's to come back to Utah for Game 6, which as this weekend demonstrated is a good location for them to play.

I got to help my brother answer a girl for the graduation dance - we bought fake tulips, roses, a cantaloupe, honey, strawberries, a bottle of Nyquil and pears and the card said,
"These tulips rose to say since we cantaloupe, honey, let's make a berry sick pear at the dance." His date loved it.

Well, I'm off, hope that reading this post wasn't nearly as long as my week - will through in Ellie's preschool graduation post soon.


Harmony said...

In reverse order...

Cute way to answer for the dance. Did you come up with that?

Go Jazz!

Yay, sprinkler system!

If their summer is totally ruined, it's their own fault and in two weeks you won't have to hear any more whining about it, if you can make it that long.

I'm not a shoe person myself--one pair of cross-trainers, one pair of all-purpose casual dress shoes, one pair of Sunday heels, and one pair of sandals does me just fine. However, your logic is impeccable and I think you got a good deal. Just my two cents, which won't count for anything with Enoch!

Tasha said...

Yes, I helped with the way to answer - I think I'm kindof his go to person to ask or answer because this is the 2nd or 3rd time that I've helped him this year.

It's the women that are going to follow the logic and the men are going to see Enoch's side - lucky for me I don't think there are many men who visit this blog so I get to keep with the majority rule.

Keith said...

Since you left this site on my computer, I guess it's all right to comment. This is a generalization, but in my humble opinion and base on long experience, the words "women" & "logic" are incompatible. You may still have a majority, but it's not a shutout.