Thursday, May 22, 2008

Will's First Machine Pitch Game

Will had his first machine pitch game last weekend.  He has been getting better at hitting and we are still working on some catching, but he is having a blast and that is the most important.  His first at bat he didn't get a hit, which had me more bummed than I think he was, but then after taking his turn to sit out while his team was in the outfield, he got the chance to hit again and managed a single.  As did the next three kids after him.  Yup, he scored a run during his first game.  Again, I think the emotion of the score was more joyfully experienced by his parents than him, but as he learns what exactly is going to happen, I think he will feel more emotion both ways.  I'll keep you posted.  

After this game we decided that he probably needed the baseball pants instead of shorts, so he is really moving up in the baseball world.  Next series of photos he will look like a "real" baseball player, cleats, pants, glove and all.

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Harmony said...

Hey batter batter! Go Will!