Monday, May 12, 2008

Global What?

Unless you have been living in your 1960's era nuclear bomb shelter for the last five years or so, you know that we, mankind, are currently killing off our earth and suffering it's effects in the prevalence of global warming.  This is what is melting the icebergs, killing off the little innocent and completely harmless polar bears and is eventually going to wipe out the California and Florida coast lines (you know, the ones where all the celebrities who are constantly yacking about global warming are building their new homes).  By the way, the new hip way to refer to this destruction of the earth (not the cycle like has happened for the last 2,000+ years, just our attempts to destroy the one thing that the person who made us all gave - not God though because saying that might alienate a earth loving person and make them run out and buy a SUV) is global poverty.  Global Poverty.  Whatever.

I am bringing this up today because it is now 11:30 am in Cedar City UT and the current temperature is 51 degrees.  By the way, it is May 12.  The states that are closest to where I live now are Nevada and Arizona - I'm not even talking the temperature in Canada where you kind of expect it to stay colder longer.  This is Southern Utah in the middle of May and it is cold.  I'm just wondering if spring will arrive before school gets out.  Oh, summer would be nice too. 

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Whatever is right.