Thursday, May 14, 2009

100 Random Things About Me

I am thinking about this being the first writing assignment of my classes next year - figured I should do it too, right?

1. I have known my husband since 2nd grade.

2. As a child, I had three black labs at different points all named Molly.

3. One of my Molly’s had a litter of puppies who I named after all the characters of Gilligan’s Island. 

4. When I was four, I thought a prairie dog was a bear.

5. I have been playing the piano since I was four.

6. I memorized “The Animals of Farmer Jones” when I was two.

7. I also memorized when to turn the pages so it looked like I could read.

8. I am married to a man with the same name as a southern Utah town and an Bible prophet.

9. I would rather watch a football game than a chick flick.

10. As a university student, I have had a baby in the middle of a semester twice.

11. I competed in seven pageants during two years.

12. I love the smell of rain.

13. My first car was a Pontiac Grand Am.

14. My husband and I bought a car together before we were officially engaged.

15. All three of my kids were born in March.

16. I lost two pregnancies and neither had the due date in March.

17. I broke my hand while playing basketball.

18. I grew so fast my knee caps used to slip.

19. I love the smell of old, but not moldy, leather books.

20. I am an inch taller than my husband.

21. My husband and I spent the first four months of our relationship trying to not marry each other.

22. I have passed half the songs in Guitar Hero on the hard level.

23. I CAN NOT play video games that require steering.

24. I was taller than my mom half way through 6th grade.

25. I hate to run.

26. I love to ride a bike.

27. I have helped pour concrete, sheet roofs and install windows and doors on several homes.

28. I took a semester of Russian – got an F. (My professor was Russian and spent the whole time calling us stupid Americans)

29. I took a semester of Latin – got an A (same semester I had my first child).

30. I like the music in my car to be loud enough to feel the sound.

31. My music is rarely that loud when my kids are with me.

32. I have never had any desire to get drunk.

33. I love going to plays

34. I have dated guys of three different ethnicities from myself.

35. I love cheesecake ice cream, especially if it has brownies in it.

36. I have moved 11 times in 9 ½ years of marriage.

37. I hate the sound of the phone ringing.

38. When I am bored, I sketch house plans.

39. I played the clarinet for seven years.

40. I was in Symphonic Band all through high school.

41. I love to go fishing.

42. I hate to bait the worm.

43. I despise creatures with more than four legs.

44. I loathe any animal with less than two legs and no gills.

45. I have appeared as the Virgin Mary in numerous paintings.

46. I love to workout but only in the morning.

47. If is could come back as an animal, I would be a snow owl.

48. My first kiss was six weeks before I graduated from high school.

49. I listen to talk radio on the way to work in the morning.

50. I have a to do list of operations I would like to have.

51. My husband and I had our first kiss the night before his girlfriend got home off her mission.

52. I can feel the weight of nail polish if I paint my fingernails.

53. I love to sleep on my stomach.

54. I get some of my best ideas in the shower or when I’m blowing my hair dry.

55. I point out attractive women to get my husband’s opinion.

56. I like to look at sports cars but not ride in them.

57. Just watching roller coasters makes me nauseous.

58. If I ever get cancer, I plan on shaving my own head and getting my hair made into a wig.

59. I don’t have any white walls in my house.

60. I will do anything in my power to avoid throwing up.

61. I HATE to cry.

62. I love to buy shoes, but kick them off when I get the chance.

63. When I lose my voice, sometimes I sound like Marge Simpson. 

64. I consider country music the illegitimate child of the blues.

65. I hate to go to bed by myself so I will fall asleep on the couch next to my husband until he is ready for bed - unless I fall asleep reading a book.

66. Red roses ALWAYS make me happy.

67. Based on looks alone, I could marry Jason Statham.

68. I never met a fish I didn’t like….to eat.

69. I really enjoy the Lego video games (Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman – want to try Lego Indiana Jones)

70. I like to watch golf with my husband.

71. I can carry on a conversation about the happenings in the NFL with the best of them.

72. My kids are all named after monarchs (William, Elizabeth and Catherine)

73. I want to become a published novelist someday.

74. I love chocolate, but drinking hardly any hot chocolate makes me feel sick

75. I write a short review of all the books I read.

76. I love watches, but they have to have a big face and leather bands – I currently have them in pink, red, white, black and brown.

77. I’m incredibly competitive – threw a whole deck of Phase 10 cards at my husband when he beat me by two phases after we got married. 

78. If I had all the money in the world, I would have a library with floor to wall bookshelves all in leather bound books.

79. I do most of my clothes shopping online.

80. I’m enjoying the process of learning how to golf.

81. I would keep going to school forever if I could.

82. I would rather chat or text someone than talk to them on the phone.

83. I listen to a classical radio station during the day that is broadcast over the Internet from England.

84. When I was studying the author John Milton, my husband tell people I was out with my boyfriend, John.

85. I love the sound of bagpipes playing old traditional tunes – gives me cold chills every time.

86. If I could convince our family to follow us, I would move back to the Seattle area in a heartbeat.

87. My mom has tried to teach my how to crochet several times, but I never can get it – not sure I really want to.

88. I re-read C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity every 18 months or so.  It is provocative and cheeky and I love it.

89. There are probably few people who appreciate being warm like I do.

90. I have little patience with a computer that thinks slower than I do.

91. Other than the piano, my favorite instrument to listen to is the cello and I wish I could play it.

92. If I could have one super power, I would be the ability to teleport myself to where I wanted to be at the time.  If I could do it with a nose wiggle like Sam on Bewitched that would be okay too, but not with the head-nod-blink combination like Jeannie – I thought it made her seem stupid.

93. If I couldn’t have that super power, I would love to have a photographic memory (think about how fast I could get through books then!!!)

94. There are very, very few movies based on books that I like.  In most cases, if I liked the movie, it was probably because I didn’t read the book first.

95. I would love to live for a year or two or three in England.  If I had to be from a country other than America, it would be England.

96. Within the first six months that I was married, I sat down with my husband, back to back and no peeking and we sketched out our dream homes.  They were almost identical.

97. If I ever get to create a world, I plan on giving humans huge angel wings.

98. I’m typically only a night person if I’m playing video games with my husband.  Watching movies late at night usually ends up with me doing a careful examination of the back of my eyelids.

99. My husband’s kiss can still take my breath away and make me weak in the knees.

100. I consider myself extraordinarily lucky and happy.


Nisa said...

That was very cool! I enjoyed reading it! What a fun writing assignment to start the year out!

I'm so with you on bagpipes and living in England. We keep trying to get posted in London when it comes up, but it just hasn't been meant to be yet! I still have hope.

Harmony said...

You've moved too much. I'm at 11 times in 16 1/2 years. And I'm with you on the roller coaster thing.

Mellissa said...

That was too funny! I have a sister-in-law from England and there have been some funny language barriers between the two families, but I would love to visit there also. Ditto on the Lego video games. And Amen to the blues' illegitimate child, country music!