Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Girl with the Pearl Earring

I grabbed this book off of a co-workers bookshelf before the end of the school year to tool up for summer reading. I have loved the painting for quite some time, and the idea that someone created a story around the girl was truly fascinating.

I liked this book. It is the story of a girl who must help provide for her family and becomes a maid six days a week for a wealthier family. Her master is a painter, her mistress is less than fond of her and she is to assist in caring for their children while tending to her chores. This is her story.

I really liked this book. It isn't a hard read and I think that it would even be enjoyable to teens. It is a good depiciton of a different society, and I would even look into some of her other works. Not a book that I would call amazing, but it was a fun escape read - slightly above brain candy level I would say. I hear the movie is really good too, but movies created about books that I have read have been more disappointing than not.

On to Ella Enchanted - I love summers. :)


Charlotte said...

I saw the movie first, then listened to the book on tape. I enjoyed both, but that might be because of the order in which I did it.

Mellissa said...

I loved your "brain candy" comment. At our house we call it "The Nothing Box." Ben opens his box with video games and I open mine with books like this. I'm glad you're enjoying your summer full of reading stuff you enjoy.

Erin H. said...

I just can't believe how fast you get through books! I must be the slowest reader in the English department (I've always felt I was a "slow" reader for an English major) because I canNOT read books that fast! Ann and Julie say things all the time to the affect (or is it effect?) of "This is a book you read in a day." What? WHAT? Not me. You're going to get through your list of must-reads much faster than I ever will, and I don't have nearly the same amount of distractions and excuses as you do! How do you do it?
P.S. This is like that question about how you grade essays faster then I do - I'll listen in awe, know what a great idea it is, and then not know how to make it happen so I stick with what I know.

Petersen Family said...

Hey guys how are things going? I'm glad I found you your kids look so big. Wow how time flies.