Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why I love to teach

After that last post, it may be questionable about my love of teaching.  Then we have days like today, where all the classes come through to sign out, sign yearbooks and visit.  One of our requirements as teachers is to have the student's evaluate us.  I thought it would be fun to post some of the comments I got.  

Keep Doing
Drinking Diet Coke
Class Discussions
Song Lyric Poetic Devices
Be Willing to Help One on One
Learned more in English this year than ever before
Random beginning of class conversations
Keep everything the same
Being sarcastic
Helping students
Pass along stories
Witty sense of humor
Fun writing activities
Love the magazine
Liked the selection of major writing assignments
Keep doing journals – helped me with my writing
Fun poetry games
Read The Chosen
Religion reports
Allow work in groups
Keep being a good teacher
Fun, creative projects
Hands-on learning
Being funny
Keep the nice chill atmosphere
Keep giving hints on how to do better on the ACT
Keep the mythology unit
Relating things in the world to what she is doing/teaching at the same time.
Being herself
Liked the “My Gang” stories

Do different forms of poetry
Not a fan of journals
Learn more about genres, writing styles, eras, famous essays, authors, etc.
Do more read-alouds
Give out a syllabus at beginning of class with due dates and point values of assignments
More time to work in class
Didn’t like the magazine
Read fewer books
Read more books
Focus on specifics
More instruction prior to giving the assignment
More time to read in class
Less homework
More time for poetry unit
More time to do reading
Frequency of seat changes
More presentations
Fewer presentations
More choice in books to read
Amount of time between due dates of assignments
No negative energy toward her teaching
More lessons and fewer assignments
Charts and worksheets with books
Sometimes felt like random lesson plans
Less paperwork and more involvement work
A different way to let students know of due dates
Leniency for slacker readers

Never Do Again
Fredrick Douglass Unit
Greek Gods/Goddesses
Make us read
Have only clock in classroom not work
Memorized poem
Huck Finn
Hang up a Denver Broncos calendar

Additional Comments
“She shouldn’t be cooler than her students, it makes us look bad.”
“She shouldn’t get mad at me…but…I am responsible for my own actions.”
“Mrs. Seegmiller rocks and she is my role model.”
“You are a good teacher and great at rhyming!”
“The magazines (although stressful) were fun.”
“Mrs. Seegmiller = perfection.”
“She should keep on doing everything.  This year I actually had the best time in this English class. I really understand
English and had a lot of fun with the projects we did.”
“You’re my favorite teacher.  I look forward to coming to your class.”

That's why teachers teach even when we get paid what we do :)


Harmony said...

Love the "you shouldn't be cooler than your students" comment!

Nisa said...

Very cool! Cooler than your students apparently! ;) What great feedback! I'm so glad!