Monday, May 11, 2009

The Role of Fashion

I have been thinking about the role of fashion in my life lately. When I am at work, I think I maintain a decently updated yet professional attire and demonstrate the ability to camouflage my "trouble spots." I find this is really easy to do for most of the school year, because most of the school year is chilly, cool or down right cold.

Then it gets warm.

It gets harder to hide trouble spots and not sweat to death, even for me.

Then I read this post from Charlotte and watch maybe a few too many episodes of What Not To Wear and I'm second guessing everything. During the summer I fit the description of "Soccer Mom" more than "Mom on the go" and would like to be fashionable, but appropriately so, considering I spend time at ball fields and pools.

Last year, I managed to destroy all but one pair of my capris. I'm trying to decide if I should buy more capris (as looking short has NEVER been an issue for me) or if I should go more with walking shorts and fun summer dresses and skirts.

Then, what sandals do I get. Because, according to all who are fashion conscious know that the flip flop is not an adult shoe. But I have bunions on my feet, and many of the sandals that are out seem to either not really fit or make me foot aware in a bad way. And some of the Roman style sandals I will put on and feel like my feet are naked - maybe that is good, you know, to have seductive feet...Just add a little pop of color on the toes, and my feet are ready for a wild night out???

What's a girl to do???


Charlotte said...

I can't weigh in on the sandal situation, but for the capris--I say join the rebellion, and BUY MORE!

(I've worn capris every day this week, and loved every single minute of it.)

Mellissa said...

You're so lucky to have the height you do. When I wear capris they usually end up looking like hobbit pants on me. Sigh. I imagine there is a lot of pressure to look just right when you're up in front of all those teenagers.

Harmony said...

Okay, I'm really pragmatic when it comes to clothes, so take my two cents with a grain of salt. Stop watching What Not to Wear and wear what you want and what feels/looks good to you!