Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Here's our Christmas letter, we didn't mail them out
That's why your mailman didn't bring you one, please don't pout
Life has just been, well, a bit too busy
We've had enough work to make us quite dizzy
We hope you will please forgive the informal greeting
We really do think about you when all the treats we're eating
It is just a bit before Christmas at our home in Enoch
The new fallen snow made the winter picture scenic
We still have some cooking and wrapping to do
Trying to just avoid Walmart to make it through.
Tasha is writing and reading lots of books
Spending lots of time with words makes Enoch give her funny looks
His love is golf, he's always trying to improve his swing
Any info about fairways, clubs and greens is really quite his thing.
Will still loves his Lego's and any game with a ball
He is almost eight, in 2nd grade and getting very tall!
Ellie is our kindergartner, the boys are already chasing after her
She loves anything with music and is quite the dancer for sure.
Catie's just adorable, her three year old comments are very funny
She loves to color all day long, we wouldn't trade her for all the world's money
That's a summary of our family for the year 2008
We truly hope, wherever you are, your life is also great
We are grateful this holiday season for all our blessings here
We wish you a Merry Christmas with a joyful New Year!
The Seegmiller's


Charlotte said...

Oh yeah--internet cards are a beautiful thing.

Fun picture of your family.

Janyece said...

Updates are fun no matter what form they come in. I hope you're having a Merry Christmas! James and I wish we could be in Utah celebrating with all of you!

Harmony said...

I knew you read poetry--didn't know you wrote it too. Cute letter!