Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The poor, poor MBA

When I drive to work each morning, I tune in to 590 AM and listen to Glenn Beck. When he takes a short break, there comes a short blurb called the Neil Cavuto, who is a money guy, analyzes the stocks, various markets, talks about trends, etc. I really like it because I get a feel for the economy in 30 seconds or less, which really, is about all that I can stand anymore after having it dominate the news for such a long time. 

Every once in a while they throw in a little story about some real person to make it more relatable, bring it down to the average person, give us a tidbit that may make all the different numbers, percentages, trends, etc. more real.  

The story that they have run two days in a row now is about a guy who has his MBA, and the market is soooo poor that this poor man who is highly qualified with his magnificent MBA can't find a "real job" so he has to drive taxi.  He has posted his resume in the back seat, but so far has not had any calls.

Here is what ticks me off.  We have become such elitists that if a person has a degree and isn't immediately hired in a job that requires him or her to wear Italian power suits with $500 shoes and several assistants at their every beck and call, it is truly an indicator of the traumatic downfall of the economy.

I know the economy isn't great - I'm married to a contractor.  I just had my superintendent send out a message questioning the Utah budget that will continue to be allotted for education, which is kind of important to me, for some strange reason.  But the guy with the MBA?  Guess what.  He still GOT a job.  A job that is the sole income for MANY families.  He is making money, often very decent money, if he can drive well at all.  He isn't collecting unemployment, he isn't standing in soup lines hoping to find something to eat to give him strength through a day of job hunting.  Just because someone has a degree doesn't entitle them to a job, and an MBA just means he went to school longer - doesn't mean he is more qualified, a better worker, more experienced or even has a natural business sense. 

The story should have been, "Yes, the economy is bad, but guess what?  There are still jobs. People can still get work, pay some of their bills, and do something to contribute to society. Look at this MBA - even when he couldn't get the job he wanted, through his determination to be a success, he has found a job 
driving a taxi.  He has even had the ingenuity to post his resume in the back of his cab, where it will be seen by many day after day.  What an excellent example of American determination and desire to succeed."

Geez - you would think that that we expected money to grow on trees.


Charlotte said...

Actually, it reminds me of my brother-in-law (the husband of Eric's sister). He got his law degree and was working as a public defender. In order to support the family AND pay off his student loans, he got a night job delivering pizzas 2 nights a week. One night he delivered to one of the judges in area, and had to explain why he was out delivering pizzas when he had a law degree and had passed the bar.

Oddly enough, shortly after that, he got a raise.

Janyece said...

Amen! I agree with you 100%

Erin said...

We have become babies who feel a great sense of entitlement. Have you emailed this guy...or Glen Beck for that matter? I'm sure they would find your opinion refreshing. I dare you...