Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mothers of Daughters - REJOICE!!!

A federal judge has just ruled that ALL BRATZ DOLLS must be removed from shelves FOREVER in January 2009.  I'm so happy I almost cried a little.  Apparently, Mattel (aka the Barbie makers) sued them for something or other, I don't really care what because the result is that these dolls that came out just before my first daughter was born have been penetrating the doll industry (and clothes, and games, and TV, and books) and that I have hated everyday, will have to come off the shelves.  
I, along with most mom's of girls, am all about having my adorable girls in cute clothes, wanting to look nice, etc. But I don't want them, at the ages of 5 and 3, to look like they could make money on any corner in the greater Las Vegas area, which is what I feel these dolls are teaching girls. 
Without Bratz on the shelves, maybe the window can be opened for a great selection of cute dolls, whose message is all about sharing, kindness and helping out other friends - Strawberry Shortcake dolls!


Erin said...

You tell 'em, sister!

Erin said...
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Janyece said...

Woo woo! A victory for women and girls everywhere!

Paula said...

Hallelujah!! I've never liked Bratz dolls, either, and have never allowed my sweet daughter to have one. If we could get a line of dolls out there, similar to American Girl dolls, who teach something, but make them affordable for all girls, now that would great. I'm amazed that you were able to find such a modest picture of the Bratz to post on your blog!