Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Broken for You

This is another book that Danna gave to me at the first of the school year that I just got around to reading. It is an easy read, but a beautiful book. It is about an elderly woman who has a star in her brain, otherwise known as a tumor and lives in a mansion in Seattle. She decides to take in some boarders and the story begins.

Wanda, a woman who left everything to go across the country after a boy, of all things, moves in with her and their relationship builds and evolves, and is very real.

I loved this book. I found the perspectives and the complexities of the plot and the characters well done and wonderfully written. The way new people are brought in feels completely natural, the different storylines were woven together with great finesse and intracacy.

I couldn't stop reading it after I was about 50 pages in and found that I even had some moments to reflect about life in reality, how all of us are broken in one way or another and the different techniques we use to try to fix ourselves and others.

There is some language (that I didn't really feel was as necessary as it was used, but I'm just a sheltered Utahn, so what do I know) and some grown-up moments, but I really don't think anyone who hasn't had some trials in their life would know what do to with a book like this anyway.

I really recommend this book (yea, I know, you're shocked).

As a side note, this is my 25th book review on my blog :)

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