Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ellie's Tball with Coach Daddy

Ellie is in her first year of tball and loving it. We decided to put her in the Cedar league instead of the Enoch league because we got tired of people not teaching the kids how to really play by the rules because they didn't want any kids feelings to get hurt. Kindof ridiculous if you ask me.Enoch is Ellie's coach this year, along with eleven other five year old girls. I have had several parents tell me how much they love the job Enoch is doing with their girls, trying to teach them the game and having fun and patience while doing it. Basically he's a very awesome guy that I have.

Ellie's first experiences with the bat looked like someone chopping wood, so we had to teach her how to swing with her arms out, hence the reason for her current starting stance. I'm going to work with her this week to see if we can't get her to swing in the proper position.

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