Saturday, June 14, 2008

My dad's 30th Father's Day

I was born on the Saturday before Father's Day in 1978 and realized earlier this week that it was my dad's 30th Father's day. I'm giving him this poem tomorrow, but since I don't think he frequents this blog, I'm posting the poem I wrote for him today.

To my dad,
on his 30th Father’s Day
It’s been 30 years since you got to celebrate your first Father’s day,
You’ve seen your fair share of recitals and games along the way.
Your first daddy day was celebrated just after Tasha’s arrival-
You were well into your crash course of infant survival.
Ran in the St George marathon, the next year held Roni in your arms
Named after a New Zealander with lots of dark hair and adorable charms.
Moved back to Parowan and built a house for your family
Not long after, Tari was born, daughter number three.
Just adjusting to Cedar and hearing “na noo na noo”
Your fourth child was born, this one a daughter too.
Cathy, being named after some of your favorite track girls
Trips to church surrounded you with lace, ribbons and curls.
Fishing at Yankee was fun, but we’d give you that look-
Smiling, you’d oblige and put the gross worm on the hook.
Just when you thought you couldn’t add any more Decker fun
A week before Christmas brought Ryan, your only son.
He was just hours old when he got his first football
Your daughters soon discovered the wonders of the mall.
Experiences that you’ve had with your kids have been many,
You’ve listened to the piano with more patience than any
With the money you spent on teaching how to throw and hit a pitch
Along with instruments, uniforms and costumes, you’d be rich!
You taught your girls to work as hard as any of the males
And learned that an orbital sander works great for filing nails-
You witnessed how a boy transformed Barbie’s into bows and arrows
Have taken countless kids and friends hiking down the Narrows
You’ve loaded up and traveled all across the state
Supporting dance, music and sports regardless of the wait
Your kids are growing up, you get the chance to be a Grandpa
Watching them struggle raising their kids with a subtle ha ha
You get to delight in watching grandkids until you get your fill
Capturing the smiles of Scott, Shelbie, Kyle, Mckenna, Catie, Ellie and Will
You are the greatest dad and Grandpa Decker too
So have a Happy Father’s Day and know that we love you.

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