Sunday, June 8, 2008

Will's Adventures in Machine Pitch

Will just played his second and third games this week and we are realizing that he still hasn't really adjusted to the timing of hitting a moving ball - We will add this while I'm helping Ellie with her tball swing. One of the major highlights of the week though was a grounder that came straight to Will when he was playing second base. He got in front, picked up the ball and had the sense to tag the runner and beat him to the base. He got an out in machine pitch, kindof a rare thing. I was ecstatic because that was the game when he didn't get on base once, so it was one of those little things that could help maintain his confidence. Will has another game tomorrow night, I'm really hoping that some one on one time will help him get on base more consistently. Enjoy a few pics of my favorite son. :)

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