Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hello 30

Today's my birthday, and as many mom's will know, birthdays when kids are little and husbands work tend to be about the same as any other day with the exception of eating more sweets with the justification that it's my birthday. Today I meet 30 in the face (not yet though because I wasn't born until 4:30 pm)

There seems to be something different about hitting birthdays with 0's at the end that make a person think about 10 years before or 10 years from now. So, here are some fun things to read, ponder.

10 years ago, today
*I won the preliminary talent competition at Miss Utah for the night.
*I wasn't dating anyone.
*I had just switched my major from pre-med nursing to English education.
*I weighed 35 lbs less than I do now (that SUCKS)
*I had just finished a year of visiting every high school in a four county area promoting voter awareness.
* I thought I would be going on a mission and was hoping for Russia
* I was working as a waitress at the Pizza Factory, and perfecting my flirting skills (hey, they were important)
*I was planning on four years from then as a decent timeline to start thinking about getting married.
*Enoch was a really good friend who was on his mission in England.
*My crush was on a guy from St George who's dad owned a big law office and they were all Democrats (I still think I held my own very well during that dinner of 4 vs me - topic: POLITICS)

Ten years from Now
*Will will be going into his Senior year of high school
*Ellie with be going into her Sophomore year and learning how to drive (and DATE!!!)
*Catie will just turn 13 (that will mean three teenagers at the same time in the same house)
* We had better be living in Cedar or I may no longer continue to exist.
*I will have been a teacher at CHS for 11 years
*I will have been married for almost 19 years (that one seems really strange)
*I will have read lots and lots of books!!! YEA!!!

Ok, that's it. Anymore thinking about a short ten years from now and I may start to feel old, and I am too young to feel old. Take that Father Time. And face it, but the time I turn 40, 40 will be the new 20 because 80 will be the new 60 and so on.

So, Happy Birthday to me. Today I am Thirty.

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