Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Catie Belle

Since Will, Ellie and Enoch just got their own posts, I figured for me to be a truly diplomatic parent, showing as much equality at all times as humanly possible, I decided that Catie needed a post for herself too. Being the youngest and the one who isn't quite old enough to do all that her brother and sister do, she is in the carry along phase of her life. She is hauled to dance practices, ball practices, ball games, school registration and parent/teacher conferences and rarely moves out of her non-chalant temperment. She seems to be much happier if when I'm taking pictures of Will and Ellie doing something, she gets a picture or two taken of her too. She is adored by all, (except when she is having a 3 year old moment) and some of you my not know why she gets called Catie Belle. Her full name is Catherine Isabelle (which I still think is one of the prettiest names I've ever heard, even if when it's combined with Seegmiller is it 27 letters long) and the Isabelle is after one of Enoch's grandma's a generation or two back. That grandma was called Granny Belle, so when Catie came along, her Grandma Janet decided it was a great tradition to carry on, so we have Catie Belle. And Catie, even though I spell it with a C, gives her Grandpa Keith the perfect opportunity to be able to sing an oldie but goodie, C C C Catie (okay, it's really spelled K-K-K-Katy). The following clip is one that I found so those of you who don't know how the song goes can give it a listen.

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