Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Ultimate Guy

Enoch spent the last weekend playing seven total matches of Ultimate Frisbee. I know some people may not be aware of it, you can learn more about it here, but the basic idea is soccer without assigned positions and what some fondly refer to as the flat ball.

Enoch was on a pick up team consisting mainly of other guys from our ward who started playing just for fun and decided it would be fun to enter the Utah Summer Games in the inaugural year of the sport in that competition. Shortly after returning home Thursday night after his first game and watching a couple others, he realized that there were teams faster (due in a large part to the average age of the other teams) and the other teams were significantly more experienced, nevertheless they persevered.

All in all, I think the teams had a great experience, had some great plays, and are all excited at the prospect that they get the chance to play again next year. Of course, I think they are going to wait until their walk returns to something resembling normal and they don't groan each time they sit down or stand up. :)

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